Loretta Lynch music
Val can also be found making noise w/ Loretta Lynch, in 3 part harmony..."it's a little bit front porch, a little bit back woods...".
Dandeline music
...featuring guitar wizard Dan Olmsted along w/ Sheila Schaat on strings, this is lovely, dark, old time music w/ gorgeous harmonies
High Diving Horses

High Diving Horses feature the songwriting talents of Danny Allen, aided & abetted by Laura Allen, a force of nature in her own right! Infectious pop tunes w/ a little bit 'o twang, delivered with wit and heart. Think Iggy Pop meets Beck meets Johnny Cash.  Absolutely one of my most utterly favorite bands around.

Roots Rock Radio
Richard Taylor hosts this great podcast featuring some of the best independently made roots music from all over the world.
Tara Linda's Cali-lounge
Linda's voice is like a cool glass of water, and her soulful cabaret is the perfect soundtrack to a lazy afternoon.
Kingtone Music
Home of my long time co-conspirator and dear friend, guitar player extraordinaire, Lucio Menegon.
Joni Davis Music
Joni's voice is soulful and rich and lovely, and her songs are dark and gorgeous and compelling, it is always such a pleasure to enjoy her music.
She Mob
Sue, Suki & Alan make some finely rocking and strange, hilarious, poppy, loud, pretty, clever music. Songs about Botox, belly button infections, bad coffee, unresolved relationships, and oh so much more. She Mob rocks my world!
John Shiurba

When John isn't busy playing bass in El Mirage, you can find him shredding guitar licks in places near and far.  Check out the many music projects he's involved in, including Pink Mountain & the Molecules, just to name a few!

Yard Sale

These three extremely talented ladies sing harmonies as sweet as pie, and write great songs full of humor and heart and wit, and I am ever their loving fan.

Alice Bierhorst
Alice is a woman of many talents - year after year, she cranks out one excellent album after the next. She writes great songs, she sings real purdy, and she is a fine drummer too.
Soup and Song
The place to read all Val's rants and musings regarding her love affair/obsession with food and music.
Nellie Bly
Nellie Bly is just one project featuring the talents of Mike Flanagan and Missy Gibson. Their live show is not to be missed, and their music will rock you, delight you, and maybe even scare you a little.
Jason Kleinberg
Jason is a man of many talents - he plays a mean fiddle, writes songs that'll make you fall of your chair laughing even as you're crying into your beer, and he's a damn nice guy to boot!
Myles Boisen

That Myles is a sought after guitarist, composer, engineer and producer, and it's been a great pleasure to both play music with him and work on recording projects with him. His fine skills helped make Pretend to Believe what it is.

Wil Hendricks

Wil slings the bass on both El Mirage albums, and sometimes we're lucky to get him to play live with us, when he's not entertaining folks at Teatro Zinzani. Always a joy to have Wil holding down the low end of El Mirage! And he's an excellent songwriter, singer, and producer too. Does this man ever sleep?

Luther Monday
Val can sometimes be found singing harmony on Luther's witty, lovely, rocking, infectious tunes.
Joe Rut
Joe Rut rocks. And soothes, and shreds, and his songs make you laugh, and sometimes cry. I've been fortunate to share many musical alliances w/ him over the years both in Loretta Lynch and El Mirage, and it is always a pleasure.
20 Minute Loop
Eclectic, infectious "freak-pop" with the tightest, tastiest harmonies...I am ever their fan.
The Shut-ins
Gotta love that "hula-billy"... the Shut-ins entertain with their perfect blend of honkey tonk meets hawaiian meets bluegrass. Fun and witty songs played by a talented bunch, these folks put on a great show.

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