Howdy folks, It's looking like Fall is upon us. In my world, that means it's time for butternut squash, chicken soup, fake fur coats and mulled wine (not necessarily in that order!). In between those endeavors, there is always lots of great music happening! The Sixth Annual Murder Ballads show is just around the corner, and I'll be not only harmonizing with the lovely ladies of Loretta Lynch, but also with the most awesome force of nature known as Joni Davis. In November and December I plan to attempt to write a novel, bake a lot of biscotti, and launch a new monthly acoustic music series at the Bazaar Cafe. I'm very excited to be hosting an acoustic music series again, because I am lucky to know so many talented souls and it will be a great pleasure to help spread their music a little bit further, so be sure to check the calendar page for all the details! It's an EARLY, FREE, ALL AGES, Sunday night series on the third Sunday of every month. So mark your calendars please! That's it for now friends; thanks for reading this. Over and out!

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