Hello and thanks for stopping by! Finally, a couple weeks without gigs after a very busy couple of months. The ladies of Loretta Lynch are happy to report that our new album, Concrete and Ether, is finally here! We're hard at work getting it out into the world, and rumor has it there will be a CD release show happening at the Great American Music Hall sometime in June, so we'll keep you posted on that. In other news, the VE + El Mirage album Pretend to Believe has recently received a couple of reviews which you can check out here... http://www.whisperinandhollerin.co.uk/reviews/review.asp?id=4627 and here (but bring your translator for this one!): http://home.scarlet.be/~tpm76025/cd%20reviews.htm#25 Happy Spring to one and all, and please come out and play in April - check the calendar page for details about gigs in Oakland, SF and Pt. Reyes on April 17 and April 21st... x o x o x

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New live video - Val & Joe Rut "Sleeping Tiger"