Howdy friends, It sure has been awhile, hasn't it? June and July found yours truly laying a little bit low, in a new quest to learn about this mysterious phenomena they call "relaxing". Yes, some of us are slow learners and can only be dragged into a relaxed state while kicking and screaming. Go figure! But recently, our new quest for relaxation has taken us from the heart of Oakland to Jackson Hole Wyoming, to the little coastal town of Gualala, on Highway One at the bottom of Mendocino County, and many places in between, all the while with guitar and trusty sidekick Spider the Dog in tow. Oh yes, new songs have been born. And old songs have been revisited. In some cases, the songs being revisited are songs written by others! And that brings us to our next exciting musical adventure, known as the Spin the Bottle Song Cycle. But wait; there's more! We wouldn't want to get too relaxed, would we? In case there should be any threat of that, the Second Half of August promises a multitude of musical adventures for you and yours, courtesy of um, me, and mine. So please check the calendar page for all the details. Thanks for stopping by!

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New live video - Val & Joe Rut "Sleeping Tiger"