Howdy from the land of... Forty! It feels good to be here, and I must thank my amazingly talented, generous friends for throwing me the most unforgettable celebration a person could EVER have, no matter what age they are reaching! Among the birthday festivities was a set of music from the "Val-Fest 4.0" band, featuring some my pals and co-conspirators covering my songs! They pulled out some old Ramona the Pest songs from the vault, dusted them off and breathed new life into them... so much life, in fact, that now I'm *itching* to start working on that Pest reunion that Lucio and I have been talking about for so long now. I figured if I announce it to you all, that might just inspire my 40 year old ass to get to work! In the meantime, El Mirage has a few free shows coming right up, and we do hope you'll join us! This Sunday, April 19th, we've got a few special guests at my Bazaar Cafe songwriter series. Well, all the performers are special to me, but Danielle French is on tour from Canada, and Conception Vessel One is heading down from the North Bay, so you won't want to miss this one! Both of these ladies have gorgeously unique voices and song writing styles, and it will be a pleasure to share the evening with them. And next Saturday, 4/25 from 3 to 5 pm, El Mirage Trio w/ Berge, John and I will be playing at Trish Tunney's Photography studio as part of the Mission Artists Spring Studio Stroll. Come support your local artists while we serenade you! Beyond that, mark your calendars for Loretta Lynch in Los Angeles on May 2nd and 3rd, another Bazaar Cafe show on May 17th and another El Mirage show at the Hemlock on May 31st. Hope to see you soon, and until we meet again, enjoy the sunshine!

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