Greetings and Happy 2008 to one and all! There's a nice little cluster of shows coming right up, both near and far. For each show, we (El Mirage, Loretta Lynch, et al) will be sharing the stage (or, corner of the room, as it were) with the wonderful Nellie Bly. You may have heard us raving about them previously; well now's your chance to hear them too so you can go and rave about them some more! For these shows, El Mirage will be a lean and mean power trio, with yours truly slinging the bass, and Berge Thomasian and Lucio Menegon rocking and twanging the guitars. We're packing up the stationwagon and we're headed back to Fresno - the raisin capital of the USA, home to Brian Kenney Fresno, and the place where there is one of the best taquerias we know of, if only we could remember the name! See, it's been awhile since we've wandered the streets of Fresno, but we can't wait to do it again this Thursday, January 17th. Check the calendar page for more details. You can also find El Mirage in Grover Beach (SLO) at O'Reilley's Bar & Grill on Saturday January 19th, and then Loretta Lynch & Nellie Bly will be at the Bazaar Cafe on Sunday January 20th. In other news, the El Mirage song Whiskey Lullaby was featured on Richard Taylor's Roots Rock Radio show #104, and we are in some very fine company, so head on over to: and give it a listen! Until next time, stay warm, friends!

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