It's that time again - time for the 8th Annual Murder Ballads Bash at the Starry Plough! Throw on that costume, grab a friend or loved one or not-so-loved one, and stagger on over to the Starry Plough's 8th Annual Murder Ballads Bash. Come get serenaded and screamed at, scared and scarred, by a diverse lineup of talented and tormented souls, as they inflict upon you their musical offerings of Murder, Misery and Despair, for the 8th year in a row. It's an Eastbaynian tradition!

Loretta Lynch is excited to be debuting a couple of songs at this show that we've never performed before, and as always, there is a wide variety music on the bill, so come early and stay late. Check out the calendar page for all the gory details!

In other news, Loretta Lynch had a false start w/ recording a month or two ago, but we're getting back in the saddle and heading over to Wally Sound, for real this time, a little later this month.

Things are relatively quiet in the land of El Mirage for now -  doing a bit of hibernating for the winter and planting the seeds for new material for the new year, which will surely be here in the blink of an eye.

For now, stay warm & enjoy that torrential rain.

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