Howdy friends! Hope everyone's new year is off to a good start. I hope you'll pretty please save Feb. 24th on your calendar to come celebrate the release of Pretend to Believe at the Hotel Utah! Trust me, you'll be so glad you did, cause it's going to be a swell night of music at the Hotel Uteah, featuring short sets from... The Shut-ins! Jason Kleinberg! Joe Rut himself! Val Esway solo! 20 Minute Loop! ... and lastly ... Val Esway and EL Mirage! It's not often that I get to play w/ the whole lot of those magically talented El Mirage-ers (Myles Boisen, John Hanes, Wil Hendricks, Lucio Menegon, Joe Rut, Berge Thomasian), and it's going to be a treat. For me, and for you. So save the date, will ya? And in case you're wondering, the CD will be available on CD baby very soon! And in the meantime... come get serenaded in three part harmony by Loretta Lynch: Saturday, Jan. 20th - kinda early show, 8 pm! at Epic Arts Teahouse in Berkeley. (1923 Ashby Ave., Berkeley - Until we meet again, may all of our buns remain warm!

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New live video - Val & Joe Rut "Sleeping Tiger"