Greetings and Happy Spring!

It's been a long time since I've sent an update, and I hope this finds you well. Although live performances have been few & far between for me recently, a lot of fun and interesting things have been going on behind the scenes. I've spent the last 18 months or so much more focused on my other love: food! I just completed a 700-hour certificate program in holistic nutrition, and I've enjoyed gaining some new perspectives on what we eat and how we can use food to support our health. And that it can be DELICIOUS!

More about that later. For now, I'm thankful to finally have time to take my musical and creative life off the back burner and  bring it front and center! The last several months have found me singing harmony with Joe and Heather on Joe's gorgeous song Bomb of Love, plus participating in the Immersion Composition Society again for the first time in YEARS. Which means, I've started to write songs again for the first time in YEARS! Could the beginnings of a new album be quietly (or perhaps noisily) brewing? Time will tell! For now, it just feels good to be creating again.

I've also been working with John and Berge on a new set of jazz and country standards which we are soon to debut. And last but not least, I'm starting to book shows again! At least, I've booked one show that I'm quite excited about and that I would love for you to enjoy:

Please mark your calendar and join us:

  • Friday June 3rd, 8 pm
  • The Back Room at 1984 Bonita Avenue in Berkeley
  • Danny Allen's High Diving Horses, Val Esway + El Mirage, and Karry Walker (Ultralash)

Karry will be up first with a short (and rare!) solo set, followed by yours truly and El Mirage, debuting the full band version of the jazz & country standards we've been working on, as well as a few originals. Danny & his excellent band will close the evening in style as only they can do.

The Back Room is a sweet listening environment and we're happy to help support a new venue. And we hope you'll support it with us! Your attendance at this show would really mean a lot to us. More details on the calendar page. There you will also find details about Loretta Lynch's upcoming show with Yard Sale and Los Mariachis at the Starry Plough on Saturday April 30th. Hope you'll join us for that one, too!

Until next time, hope you are enjoying all the spring flowers, friends!

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New live video - Val & Joe Rut "Sleeping Tiger"