Well, there's a mouthful. Welcome to my site, which has been sorely in need of an update. This site is a work-in-progress. Read this rant, check out the other pages, and then go and pluck yourself a tomato from the vine and enjoy the end of summer as the days grow shorter. And then come back every now again and visit, as the tomatoes fade away and the squash start to mature, and surely there will be more tales to be found here. For now, here are a few tidbits to chew on, in no particular order: *Loretta Lynch just celebrated our FIVE year anniversary of harmonizing and stirring up trouble together, with an awesome show on the stage where it all began in May 2002 at the Hotel Utah. I'll drink to that! Our new album Concrete & Ether has been getting rave reviews, and plans are already under way for the recording of our next album. It's still a joy to sing with these ladies after all this time. (http://www.lorettalynch.com) *El Mirage is doing a bit of hibernating save for our upcoming show at the Lounge Theater in Hollywood with our friends Missy & Mike of Breech. This is going to be delightful! Then it's back to fine tuning the batch of covers that we'll be going into the studio to record around the end of this year. More details will be coming as they unfold. *Yours truly and Joni Davis are joining forces for a foot stomping set of Murder Ballads at the Starry Plough on October 27th. If you've been lucky enough to hear Joni's gorgeously chilling, deep, soulful voice, you'll know why I am so excited to sing harmony with this woman. Mark your calendars, friends! (http://www.jonidavismusic.com) Hope to see your smiling faces soon! Just a reminder to those of you just joining us: you've landed here in cyberspace at staggeringsiren headquarters: the home of all things musical for Val Esway - singer, song writer, guitar mangler, bass slinger, torch singer, murder balladeer, harmonizer, insomniac, chef, writer, wisecracker, ham. Peruse this site to learn about my musical happenings. Surf on over to http://soupandsong.blogspot.com to read more random musings on music and food and various & sundry. Enjoy your tomatoes and corn. Thanks for stopping by!

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New live video - Val & Joe Rut "Sleeping Tiger"