Howdy friends,

Thanks to all who came out the Knockout on that cold & rainy night at the end of March - it was a fabulous show, the band sounded great, and we are excited to do it again soon!

In fact, we'll be doing just that on June 29th at the Starry Plough, and that's just one of a handful of very exciting shows that I'm looking forward to playing this summer, all of them unique.  I hope you'll mark your calendars, cause I look forward to providing you with an assortment of musical treats before the summer is over!

On the menu, we have:

The debut of Vegan Butcher at Berkeley Arts, Wednesday June 20th

VE + El Mirage at the Starry Plough, Fri. June 29th, with Ultralash and Danny Allen & the Pretty Monsters

Joe Rut at the Great American Music Hall, Sat. July 14th

Loretta Lynch Ten Year Anniversary Show at the Starry Plough, Saturday August 4th

Please have a look at the calendar page for further details, and happy summer to you and yours!

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New live video - Val & Joe Rut "Sleeping Tiger"