Sometimes you have to play to 5 people on a Sunday night and split $20 5 ways in order to get something that's sure to gain you a *little* more exposure, if nothing else. That's exactly what happened recently when El Mirage played a wonderful show to a few brave souls who managed to leave the house that Sunday night. Our beloved Nathan was out of town and we'd planned to play the show without drums, but at the last minute, convinced our pal, drummer extraordinaire Jason Slota to sit in for the night, and it was a joy to play with him. Shortly after, Jason was kind enough to hook us up w/ a show opening for Magnolia Electric Company, and as such, he'll be rocking the drum set w/ us for this show as well. We're looking forward to playing w/ Jason again, and very much looking forward to playing at Bottom of the Hill again. Our set is promptly at 9 pm on Wednesday July 29th, and we hope you'll join us! In the meantime, don't forget to enjoy Loretta Lynch at Alameda's Towne Center on Thursday June 18th at 6 pm, and another afternoon BBQ show at Thee Parkside on Sunday July 19th with El Mirage and Joe Rut. More details on the calendar page.

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